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Family book exchanges launch at Park & Ride sites on World Book Day

2 March 2017

Stagecoach East and Cambridgeshire County Council are launching a book swap for all the family at the five Cambridge Park & Ride sites on World Book Day (March 2nd).

The Park & Read book exchanges cater for all ages and tastes in a bid to encourage everyone to enjoy the pleasures of a good book during their bus journey or commute.

The literary incentive scheme has been applauded by local authors including children’s thriller writer Julian Sedgwick (the Mysterium trilogy) and popular fiction writer Menna van Praag (The House At The End Of Hope Street, The Witches Of Cambridge).

Heffers book shop on Trinity Street has generously donated 200-plus children’s and adult books to kick-start the book exchange shelves.

Classic children’s titles include Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon, Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney, Claudine At St Clares by Enid Blyton, Emil And The Detectives by Erich Kastner, the Belinda And The Bears early reader series by Kaye Umansky as well as Julian Sedgwick’s latest thrillers for 9+-year-olds, Ghosts of Shanghai and Shadow Of The Yangtze.

Adult page-turners include The Matisse Stories by AS Byatt, Midnight Palace by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Chrysalids by John Wyndham, The Careful Use of Compliments by Alexander McCall Smith and Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen to name just a few.

Park & Riders are also being invited to bring in their own pre-loved books to swap for something new.

The Park & Read book exchanges are located inside the site buildings of the five Park & Ride sites at Babraham, Trumpington, Madingley Road, Milton and Newmarket Road.

Zoe Paget, Operations Director of Stagecoach East, said: “The Park & Read book exchanges are an added and very useful extra to help make our passengers’ journeys as enjoyable as possible – and we are extremely grateful to Heffers for their very generous donation.

“Travelling by bus really is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a good book – whether you’re relaxing on your own or out with the kids. That’s something you just can’t do if you’re stuck behind the wheel of a car!”

Campbell Ross-Bain, Cambridge Park and Ride Manager at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “Not only is Park & Ride the most cost effective way to travel in and out of Cambridge, it’s now also the most entertaining way to travel.

“We are very grateful to all those who have helped get this very interesting and worthwhile initiative off the ground.” David Robinson, manager of Heffers, added: “We are absolutely delighted to be involved with this fantastic Park & Read campaign. Anything that celebrates and encourages reading is a wonderful thing.”

Popular fiction writer, Menna van Praag, who is backing the initiative, told: "One of the reasons I love public transport is being able to read a book while I travel. I'm a great fan of 'real' books & libraries, so I can't imagine anything lovelier than being able to dip into a new book, or reading one to my children, while travelling to and from our beautiful city."

Author Julian Sedgwick, who is also supporting Park & Read, told us: "As both a writer and a former Heffers bookseller, I wholeheartedly support the Park and Read campaign. There's never been a better time to escape into a story – or, conversely, a better way to find out about other lives and worlds. And still nothing does that better than a book. Grab any chance to read…"

Cambridge park & ride changes - your questions answered

2 November 2016

This new site includes details on each of the 5 park & ride sites and routes, however we have also put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help answer any queries you may have as the changes are being made:

1. Why are these changes being made?

park & ride are making these changes to improve the reliability of the park & ride service, and to help simplify the service for customers both regular and tourists who visit Cambridge.

2. When will the changes happen?

The changes to the park & ride routes will happen on Sunday 20th November 2016.

3. When will the new buses arrive?

Throughout December 2016 – updates will be posted on www.cambridgeparkandride.info

4. Can I still access the Railway Station and Addenbrooke’s travelling from Milton park & ride?

Yes, your park & ride ticket will still be valid for travel between Milton, Cambridge Railway Station and Addenbrooke’s but you will need to change onto the Babraham service in Cambridge City Centre. The Babraham service will leave from stop E5 on Emmanuel Street(and will remain green in colour from January 2017).

5. Can I use other Stagecoach buses to travel to the Railway Station and Addenbrooke’s?

Yes, if you purchase a Dayrider (one day) or Megarider (7 day) ticket from the driver, you can use all Stagecoach buses within the Cambridge area to access the railway station and Addenbrooke’s.

6. Which services still stop at The Grafton Centre?

The park & ride services from Milton and Newmarket Road will both continue to use the bus interchange at The Grafton. The Milton service will drop off ONLY on Victoria Avenue on its way into town and call at The Grafton bus interchange on its way out of town. The Newmarket Road service will call at The Grafton bus interchange on its way into and out of town.

Services from Madingley Road will stop at the bus stop on Jesus Lane approx. 2 minutes’ walk from The Grafton. Services from Babraham Road park & ride will no longer stop at The Grafton but passengers can travel from the city centre to The Grafton on their Park & Ride ticket if they would like to by transferring to the Milton or Newmarket Road park & ride services.

7. Have the operating hours changes?

No, the operating hours are remaining broadly similar although there are some small timetable changes, please see www.cambridgeparkandride.info for more.

8. Have any of the intermediate stops changed?

Yes. Newmarket Road park & ride buses will no longer serve the bus stop outside the Travelodge on Newmarket Road. Buses will instead use the stop located opposite Tesco outside the retail park.

Trumpington park & ride buses will no long use the stop outside Emmanuel United Reform Church but will use the stop located outside Fitzwilliam Museum.

Madingley Road park & ride buses will be stopping on Jesus Lane as part of these changes.

Milton park & ride will be dropping off ONLY on Victoria Avenue throughout the day.

9. Have the stops for getting back to the park & ride sites changed?

Yes, in the majority of cases you will now get off and on at the same stops within the City Centre. Each Park & Ride service uses a different stop – below are the details:

Trumpington – Continues to use the Downing Street stop outside John Lewis.

Milton – You can get off and on at stop D1 on Drummer Street or use stop D at the Grafton Babraham – You can get off and on at stop E5 on Emmanuel Street.

Madingley – you can continue to alight and Board on Bridge Street and also at the stop on Jesus Lane near Four Lamps Roundabout. You can also get off and on at stop S3 on St Andrew’s Street.

Newmarket – you can get off and on at stop D2 in Drummer Street or stop B to alight at the Grafton and stop A at the Grafton to return to Newmarket Road.

10. Has the cost of Parking at the sites changed?

No, Parking charges remain the same, £1 for up to 18 hours. We recommend paying for parking in advance via VIVOPARK – visit www.cambridgeparkandride.info to find out more.

11. Will you still have ‘spare’ buses and what colour will these be now?

Yes, there will be two grey ones as before, with all the same facilities as the five coloured buses.

12. What are my park & ride ticket options?

Day Return £3

The park & ride Day Return ticket costs £3 and with this ticket up to three children travel for free. This Ticket can be used to travel from ONE site into Cambridge stopping at any intermediate site on route. It can also be used to travel on a different park & ride service out to another intermediate stop or park & ride site.

Example uses:

a)Travel from Milton park & ride site to Addenbrooke’s – Using the day return ticket you can travel from the Milton site to Cambridge City Centre, transfer to the Babraham Road park & ride service and travel up to Addenbooke’s.

b)Travel from Madingley Road park & ride site to the Cambridge Retail Park – Using the day return ticket you can travel from the Madingley site into Cambridge City Centre, transfer to the Newmarket park & ride service and travel out to the Cambridge Retail Park.

c)Travel from Newmarket park & ride site to the Botanic Gardens – Using the day return ticket you can travel from the Newmarket site into Cambridge City Centre, transfer to the Trumpington park & ride service and travel out to the Botanic Garden stop near Bateman Street.

Please note, this ticket cannot be used again once you have returned back to a park & ride site. Group Ticket £8.50

The park & ride group ticket is £8.50 and can only be purchased from the driver – it allows a group of up to 5 people to travel together.

Please note, this ticket cannot be used again once you have returned back to a park & ride site. Weekly park & ride Ticket £13

The park & ride weekly ticket allows unlimited travel on park & ride services for 7 consecutive days. Purchased from the driver directly.

13. Where can I find out additional information?

On this website, or by contacting the park & ride Team: 03450 455 213 or via Twitter @Stagecoach_East